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Rope Harness

Rope Harness

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Looking for a way to strap our toys, from Mini to Large? We can now offer the Rope Harness from Plunge Goods!
Handmade in NC, USA.

The Rope Harness is an easy to use strap on harness made of super soft, twisted polyester rope. It's made to hold toy sizes from small to very large! This gender neutral product is fun and easy to use. Without buckles or adjustment straps, it’s easy to adjust while putting on or during use and doesn’t require a setting change between wearers. It's also perfect for double ended or "strapless" toys, thanks to its passthrough design.

It features hand whipped ends made with contrasting black twine and black oxide hardware. The rope is abrasion resistant with very little stretch and won’t fade or turn yellow when exposed to UV. It is easy to clean, oil and stain resistant.

The Rope Harness is designed to accommodate any diameter flared base toy without having to swap o-rings. There‘s a wide range of bodies and a wider range of their needs. The rope harness is intended to work for as many as possible, and can be as sexy or tame as the wearer wants. All vibes welcome.

Compatible with our full line-up, where the toy has a flared base.
(Pictured here with Medium Bjarkan, Large Näcken and Mini Ulfhedinn.)

The rope harness comes in two colors: Black and White

18'/5.5 meters long.

How to clean:
Hand wash in cold water with any variety of mild detergent then lay flat to dry.

Loosen the rope around the wrapped o-ring and adjust the amount of slack in the opening to fit different toy sizes.

Step into leg openings and slide harness up to desired position.

The o-ring that is loose on the toy loop is the higher one, closer to your navel.

The strap that goes around the left leg should pull to the left on the o-ring, and vice versa for the right. In other words, the straps do not cross at the o-ring, they pull away from each other.

Wrap around waist as many or few times as desired.

Finish the harness with a bow that can easily be untied, like what would be used on shoe laces. Other knots can become hard to untie, and should not be used.

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