Solidarity Pricing Program

So glad you found your way here!
Sexual health is important, and we're fully aware of the financial barriers to accessing functional and body-safe sex toys (especially from smaller, ethical stores and marketplaces) and that our toys might not be accessible to people with low/no income.
As a little way of giving back, we want to offer people living with financial hardships or low/no income access to buy our Apprentice Line toys for wholesale prices, which is 40% off the retail price (the price listed in our store)
Currently, this is 300 SEK. Use a currency converter to find the price in your local currency.
What counts as "low income" is up to you to decide. We don't want to put any firm income requirements, or anything like that, and we want to operate on mutual trust. The application will consist of a short form with questions about your situation, why you're applying and what toy you're interested in. If approved, you will get a one-time coupon for the toy of choice sent to your email, and then place an order as normal for a Made-To-Order Apprentice Line toy. 
  • The solidarity pricing program is ONLY valid for Made-To-Order Apprentice Line toys in solid colors. Inventory items or other toy models are not included and we will not make exceptions to this rule.
  • Shipping fees, and any eventual customs fees or taxes are NOT covered in the program.
  • You may apply once for each toy, which is currently a total of three.
  • Please apply only for yourself, not friends/partners/loved ones.
  • We know that monetary situations can change drastically, so we won't question or ask if you've ordered from us before, nor do we want to feel that anyone needs to overshare their situation. If things are unclear, we might however ask for clarification.
  • We aim to respond within 1-3 business days.
Although this program is aimed toward marginalized and/or disabled folks, it's open to anyone! We hope this can make a difference for the people who need it ❤️