(Video renders are 3D models for reference purposes and may have small variations due to the post-processing of the casting process. Please refer to the photos for the finished products)


Our first 3D-sculpted insertable, the Selkie draws inspiration from it's mythical counterpart. She features a shorter and more girthy profile with a smooth, texture-free shaft, gentle swells and knot. The stem has a small bit of texture from skin folds, and the base features decorative frills inspired by fins or flippers and an interesting divot-shape.

Note: The 'frills' on the base in Extra Soft and Soft Firmness have a tendency to fold.

Mini: 550 SEK

Small: 800 SEK
Medium: 1250 SEK
Large: 2300 SEK

(Prices showed here are base prices, ie a standard toy with no added extras like Crystalline, Ribbon Marble, handpainted details, colorshift pigments, etc. It also does not reflect flop discounts. Please use any currency converter to see the pricing in your local currency!)
Shaft length is 10 cm/4 in.

Total length is 12 cm/4.8 in.
Tip circumference is 9 cm/3.5 in.
Knot circumference is 14 cm/5.5 in.
Shaft length is 12 cm/5.1 in.
Total length is 14 cm/5.5 in.
Tip circumference is 11 cm/4.4 in.
Knot circumference is 17 cm/6.9 in.
Shaft length is 14 cm/5.5 in.
Total length is 17 cm/6.8 in.
Tip circumference is 13.5 cm/5.4 in.
Knot circumference is 21 cm/8.2 in.
Shaft length is 15.5 cm / 6.1 in.
Total length is 20.2 cm / 8 in.
Tip circumference is 17 cm / 6.9 in. 
Knot circumference is 26.5 cm / 10.4 in.




(Artwork by Rowan Woodcock)
Story coming soon!