Used as a symbol for death and rebirth in mythology worldwide, our depiction of Ouroboros is a miniature limbless dragon swallowing it's own tail.

The Ouroboros is made out of the same body-safe silicone as our insertables. Soft and super-stretchy, snug where you need it to be. Wear around the shaft, or around the whole package.

Compared to the Wreath, the Ouroboros features a less bulky profile and a slightly looser fit.

Internal diameter is 2.5 cm/1 in, internal circumference is 9 cm/3.5 in. 
Outer diameter is 4.9 cm/1.9 in, outer circumference is 17 cm/6.6 in.
Ring thickness is approximately 1-1.3 cm/0.4-0.6 in.