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Amazing Small Business

My first purchase from them was a small näcken on a whim and I'm so glad I got him! He became one of my favorites, and I just bought a Wildwood Grimoire medium näcken with a horror theme. He's one of the most handsome toys in my collection now. They make gorgeous toys with creative and unique pours, esp with their sense of style and color.

Their toys are good quality. While I can only speak for the two näckens I have, their other designs are gorgeous and unique, and I'll happily look to get more in the future.

A wonderful addition to my collection

Näcken is such a beautifully sculpted toy. I can't give it enough stars in appearance and use. The model is nicely shaped and you can tell a lot of thought was put behind it. The coloration I have was named "Belladonna" and it is gorgeous with so much depth. I had been waiting for a medium firmness model, but soft firmness was the correct way to go, it feels so plush and the squish is soft, yet sturdy. I can not recommend this shop and this model enough.

Out-of-this-world magical sculptures

Simply amazing! From the customer service, to the checkout process, to the beauty and artistry of the sculptures and to their breathtaking shapes and ease of use, everything is simply extraordinary.

The first time I found out about them and accessed their website from Tiktok I was simply astonished. The art is jaw-dropping with all the sculptures' colors, textures and stories. They really submerge you into the mystical universe of the twilight meadow. And as an autistic, bisexual, traumatized, beginner and monster lover it's everything I ever wanted. I really dislike phallus-like shapes but those fantasy-like like are extremely inviting.

I have ordered 2 times successively from their store and they did NOT disappoint at all. I can't wait to place the next one and see what whimsical things they will come up with next.

They were very kind, friendly and professional in their emails. The shipping was fast and discreet. The surprises inside the box were even more heartwarming. The little personalized thank you note with a little mushroom man drawing was simply adorable. The instructions card was really useful and the quality cotton storage bag was an amazing bonus. Not to mention the freebies! For each one of my orders, I got a small Itty Bitty sculpture that is so so so cute. I keep them on my at-home work desk and every time I look at them they make my day much better.

Being a beginner, I mostly bought small sculptures usually in firm but also bigger ones in a softer density. I realized that I prefer smaller sculptures in medium and thicker sculptures in a softer firmness (since bigger sculptures in a softer firmness might feel like a firmer density in a smaller sculpture). But in general, I found Soft to be the most appetizing firmness no matter the shape and size (the best middle ground if you want a good amount of squish but also good for more forceful use). Medium is pretty firm but still flexible and extra soft is like an extremely pillowy soft firmness with an almost luxurious feel.

(mini/medium firmness) and (small/extra soft (that they recommended for sizing up gently) Lindwyrm It has a very rigged shape that also feels amazing for grinding. The rigged tongue/alien vibe is just amazing not to mention the spikes.

(mini/medium firmness) and (small/soft (the biggest I have ever owned)) Selkie. MY FAVOURITE SCUPTURE EVER. If you love knotted toys but dislike the spiky heads most of them have this is the toy for you. The head is blunt and the curves are so savory. And in soft firmness is the perfect squishy thing to fill you up (since super soft might feel too sticky). The sculpture has an aquatic fair to it which adds to its uniqueness.

(medium) Raido. One of the best transmasc pierced sculptures I have ever seen. The first time I saw it on their website I was like I NEED one. I bought the version with a vibe slot and God it did not disappoint. And in those colors of teal and copper, it's just heartstopping.

(mini/soft) Huldra. This sculpture is just so forest/fungy beautiful, that I could simply not resist. The bunt head is so adorable that it looks like it's peaking out of all the lichen layers. The swell is the main focus and at first, it seemed pretty intimidating to use. But I have to say it was a pleasure, you can truly feel that delicious swell all along the way with the thinner shaft. The texture at the base can also be used for grinding and it truly improves the experience. And with the extremely shiny green it was hard to resist.

Why wait, just order. Twilight meadow creations make wonderful pieces of art and for sure they have something for everybody.

Grimoire Keeper's Hoof

Absolutely fantastic service! I could not recommend this store more for your fantasy toy needs. I fell in love with the Keeper's Hoof as it appears in their product photos, so I waited for my opportunity to place a Grimoire (guided custom) order where I requested a recreated version of it, and I was not disappointed. I look forward to placing my next order with Twilight Meadow Creations in the future.

Wonderful service

Previously i had a package from TMC stolen, and the seller was willing to assist in helping me figure out a solution- i appreciate so much their time and energy and i love their products, seriously they're top notch.

wonderfully whimsical

I wanted to get a Huldra because of the top-heavy girth and I was not disappointed.
The colours are absolutely gorgeous and the feel of the sculpt is wonderful.
Shipping was fast and discreet.
The included cotton storage bag was a nice bonus.

I got a Raido (vibeslot), and despite not getting to test out the vibeslot (my vibe is lost in a packing box somewhere...) even just the grinder itself is amazing! Whether using it as a warmup prior to an insertable, or on its own, the detailing on this grinder makes it a lot of fun regardless (the enlarged clit area on this toy is a personal fav). And twilight meadow's silicone pours are beautiful both in photo and in person. I am very happy with my purchase and likely will be back to try out some of their other toys! Box/packaging was discreet, it shipped out quickly, and the bag it came with was a bonus.

even better than the photos!

i was a bit hesitant to order at first, but i’m so happy that i did! i’d been wanting something from this shop for a while, and finally ordered the mini and and medium selkie in soft firmness. i wasn’t sure what size or firmness would be best, but the soft is really nice (especially since the medium is the largest dildo i’ve owned probably)! it’s squeezable, but stands up on its own. the autumn colors were the final push for me. i have yet to try them out, but i’m sure they will live up to my expectations. the packaging was very nice and neat too. they also threw in a canvas toy bag, and instructions for care. will definitely be buying again soon! highly recommend.


Otrolig support och otroliga leksaker rekommenderas starkt till alla att prova!

Amazing Shop!

I have purchased many amazing items from this shop over the years. They have been amazing and so kind. Their pours are out of this world, so beautiful! Shipping and handling is a fair price to pay considering they are a shop abroad from me in the USA. Thank you so much! I have enjoyed everything I have received. I will continue to support you.

great workmanship!

I've long followed Twilight Meadow on social media, admiring their gorgeous sculpts & pours. When they released Huldra, I knew I needed to have one! I got a medium Huldra in medium firmness and a gorgeous, bright, sparkly sunset pour. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is fantastic! The sculpt is beautiful and well thought out with a wonderful overall shape and delightful texture. I love its top-heavy girth and moderate length. The surface is flawless and perfect. The base is easy to grip and has interesting texture as well.
Shipping was fast and discreet, and my toy came in a cotton storage bag and with care instructions. An overall wonderful experience and fantastic toy, both aesthetically and in-use. It's obvious that a lot of thought, care and skill went into making this usable work of art!

I really liked your sex toys, they were really fun and good. Thanks!

Huldra army 👁️

TMC swells are top tier! in the past, i've purchased several Selkies, and now Huldras! :x their pours are just that gorgeous, and i love their models. shipping to the US is super affordable & quick, too. 💜💚

My first purchase!

Got curious after a friend repeatedly praised TMC's toys and decided to have a closer look myself. And I'm more than happy! Everything arrived packaged safely and in perfect condition. I'm in love with the shiny colours!

The little handwritten "thank you" note and the extra squishies made me smile, I truly appreciate it =)


I bought this toy right when they did a new drop. I am so excited to say that this toy doesn’t disappoint, especially with the medium firmness 😵‍💫💗 if you have a prostate you will melt.

Pure artistry

I've made several purchases from TMC, and each one has been such a joy and delight. The pours are exquisite, the models are unique and beautiful, and you can easily see the love and care put into everything. My TMC pieces are among my favorites in my collection, and any time I've ordered a custom or surprise custom, their customer service has been above and beyond amazing.

Packaging is super cute and I love the cloth bag included! The international shipping is reasonable and has arrived surprisingly quick in a lot of cases. Will be looking forward to my next TMC friend!

Fantastic Customer Service

I've made several purchases of both toys and squishies, perfect ones and discounted flops. Sometimes human error happens (like accidentally getting the wrong shipping option when you're in a rush at drop hour, oops!) It's bound to happen! But what makes the shop stand out to me is that they've always been super sweet and professional when contacted about anything wrong with the purchase, no matter on whose end, and immediately offering a reasonable solution that suits both parts!

As a customer you really feel safe that you'll get just what you ordered, created and packed with care! Couldn't be happier with the store!

Small/Soft Huldra

Good golly miss Molly this is THE TOY FOR ME. I'm not even kidding. Her tip? ADORABLE. Her lil swell? AMAZING! Her base? So artfully crafted my heart hurt when I saw it.

My S/S Huldra came with a bag, with the TMC logo on it, I personally am a GIANT fan of shop bags and the fact that they just??? send you a $10USD bag for free with your order??? makes me really happy.

I want to gush about her colors first. The Gold drip was well done, no delam, no bubbles. It very pleasingly went from tip, down the shaft, to the frills on her base. The dark green wasn't murky at all, and both of the colors glowed under UV!

I really have to give it to Sion for this sculpt. Man, I didn't know I needed a dryad friend based on Reindeer moss until I saw this lady. Then I had a mighty need. The blunt head of the model is absolutely adorable. Just the lilest tippiest tip chilling on top of the swell. An early shaft swell is one of her defining features, with the lovely texture of lichen crawling in feathery layers reaching for her medial line. It's a gratifying swell in use, and so early on in the shaft you get to feel the stretch all the way through. The narrowness of the shaft below just exacerbates the swell, highlighting it beautifully with the woodgrain striations. The texture at her base, the rippling of lichen parting to let the shaft emerge is stimulating and adds to the experience. Sion is going to have to work hard to beat this sculpt.

TMC Soft is pillowy and dreamy, just enough resistance not to have all the textures fade into nothingness but not so squishy as to absolutely flop and wiggle and be unmanageable.

If you are a fan of toys with swells this girl is for you. It's easy to insert, holds lube pretty well, and the texture, even in hand, is wonderful.

Small/Soft Selkie

Oh my GOSH THIS GIRL! The color, the shape, the squish, where do I start?? She came in one of their awesome canvas bags, drawstring, printed with their company logo. It's a perfect size for their small toy lineup.

Her coloration is a beautiful green/purple colorshift. No bubbles, no scuffs, even pigment distribution. The texture of the pour is silky and so wonderful. She shimmers in the light like she's made of magic.

The shape? Ugh top 10 best knotted models. She has a bluntish head for easy insert and no stabbing when inserted. Her first swell is not too big, and it helps less experienced users ease into her main attraction, the knot at the base! From shaft to knot is an easy transition and the narrow stem makes for a very satisfying tie. Her base is elegantly shaped and evokes a sense of aquatic origin.

TMC Soft is delightfully squishy, it has plenty of give but doesn't stick to you like Super Soft does. Even if you got a Mini she would be an AMAZING desk squish/stress ball.

Overall Selkie is a short, broad model that can be used as a thrusting toy, a plug, and with the width of the base it's safe for anal use as well. Woo for prostate-havers! If you like knots, but hate 'canine' models with their pointy, pokey tips, please invest in a Selkie. You won't regret it.