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Dick Bits

Dick Bits

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Gone are the days of sacrificing a teenie or a squishy to see if a lubricant or surface is safe for your expensive investment.

No more heartbreak thinking that it's totally ok to set your toy there only to find segments of it have melted.

We now have Dick Bits, recycled pieces from years of toys that were too flopped to sell, for you all to be able to use as test pieces! 

We will be selling them by weight and only to reimburse material cost.
One bag is 100 grams, and you will get 5-8 assorted pieces.

These are not meant to be precious, so feel free to cut them into smaller pieces and test with abandon! (Or squish. Or take out your frustrations on.)

Dick Bits are not children's toys nor are they safe for pets. Please keep them away from kids and animals!

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