Silicone Care and Material Information

Why silicone?

Platinum-cure silicone produces one of the safest sex toys there is. It's non-toxic, hypoallergic, comes in a variety of firmness levels, it can be mixed with a variety of pigments to provide many different colors and effect, it’s non-porous and it can easily be sanitized. Not only is it gentle to your body, it’s pretty tough and lasts for a long time (if properly cared for!)

Platinum silicone can withstand very high and low temperatures. It doesn’t shrink, or degrade from exposure to sunlight; However, some pigments may be light sensitive and can potentially fade over time, so please do not store toys in direct sunlight like a window sill.

Please do not test the limits of the material by repeated stretching, pulling or rubbing. A good rule of thumb is to treat it the same way you would treat genitalia attached to a person. (Unless we're talking CBT. Don't do that to our toys, please)

Allergy and material information

The molds and the casts themselves are both made from platinum-cure silicone, which is certified skin safe as per of ISO 10993-10.

The pigments and mica shimmer used are all cosmetic grade and ethically sourced.

The pigments and mica shimmer are in a small micron size and fully encapsulated in silicone, so they will never come in contact with your body.

We use a high-end vacuum chamber and pump for all our silicone to make it smooth, uniform and free of micro-bubbles.

Every item is washed and sanitized before packaged in a heat-sealed bag. Since we do not operate in sterile environments we recommend that you give the toys a wash with soap and water or a deep clean before use.

Please refer to this FAQ for instructions on how to give your toy a deep clean.

Firmness levels

Our toys are available in four firmness levels: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Firm.

If you want to feel them up close and personal without buying a full-sized toy, we currently offer firmness samples in the form of Firmness Runes.

Here is the Shore firmness levels that we offer:

  • Extra Soft: Shore 0020
  • Soft: Shore 0030
  • Medium: Shore 0050
  • Firm: Shore A10

Crystalline/Near Clear firmness levels:

  • Soft: Shore 0031
  • Medium: Shore 0045

You can find a Shore Hardness Scale here.

  • Extra Soft 0020 is about the same firmness as adipose tissue. Our softest option.
  • Soft 0030 is about the same firmness as a gel shoe insole. It is very soft and forgiving.
  • Medium 0050 is about the same firmness as a stale gummy bear. A good middle-ground.
  • Firm A10 is about the same firmness as a flexed muscle. Rigid like erect tissue, but is still bendable and has some give.
  • Crystalline Soft 0031 is slightly firmer than "regular" 0030 Soft, and feels somewhere between Soft and Medium
  • Crystalline Medium 0045 is slightly firmer than "regular" 0050 Medium and feels something between 0050 and A10, despite having a lower Shore number. 

Silicone firmness is not an exact science, and there are a lot of factors that go into play. If you have exposed your toy to high temperatures (ie boiling) your toy might feel firmer afterward. Humidity, temperature and weather while casting as well as pigments used (type and quantity of pigments) will also affect firmness.

How firmness is perceived also has to do with toy size. A small toy in Medium firmness will feel softer than a large toy in the same firmness, and vice versa.

We list our toys in the same firmness as the silicone manufacturer gives us.

Soft and Extra Soft, as well as Crystalline toys feature a mildly tacky surface.

Please keep in mind that toys in all firmness levels might not be in stock at all times.

Still unsure which firmness to pick? CuriousKitt wrote an informative blog entry that might be of help to you!

What lube should I use?

Water or oil-based lube only.

Silicone or hybrid lubes may damage the surface of your toy and should be avoided.

Cleaning & caring for your toy

Because of it’s non-porous properties, silicone is a breeze to keep clean. Just clean your toy with some lukewarm water and soap after every use. Toy cleaner isn't necessary.

Make sure that the soap you're using does not have any ingredients ending in -cone. They can damage the surface of your toy. Regular dish-soap you use to clean dishes (ie: Dawn, Fairy, Yes) works plenty well and cuts through any oil-based lube.

If you want to give it a more thorough deep clean you can use one of these following methods:

- Boil in water for 10-15 minutes. Use a large enough pot and make sure your toy is not resting against the sides or bottom of the pot for long periods of time.
- Soak in a 10% bleach solution. Rinse and clean thoroughly with soap and water.
- Pop it in the dishwasher without any detergent if your dishwasher has a sanitize cycle.


Proper toy storage

Toys should be stored in a dry place away from rough surfaces to avoid abrasions and mini-cuts.

Silicone might leave grease stains on porous surfaces, such as wood, cardboard and paper. This is normal and no cause for concern. 

Don't leave your toys in the shower or any other damp environments for long periods of time as they can be subjected to mildew.

If you ordered an insertable or a Rune Egg Set, your toy will come with a cotton storage bag. Don't throw it away! It's intended to be used for safe long-term storage of toys and our recommended method since silicone tends to be a huge lint magnet.

Toys made out of safe and non-porous materials such as platinum silicone, stainless steel, properly treated wood, ABS plastic or ceramics can safely be stored together, but if you're unsure about the material it's better to be safe than sorry.

Do NOT store silicone toys together with toys made out of softer plastics and non-silicone rubbers (such as jelly, PVC, or vinyl) as they might become misshapen, "melted", discolored, sticky, etc. Properly stored and cleaned, your toy will last you many years!

Contrary to popular belief, you can store platinum silicone toys together and they won’t melt together or become damaged if they’re touching.

Crystalline/Near Clear care and information

From March 2022 and onward, we're proud to introduce our NEW Crystalline type toys! 
They are manufactured from a silicone called Near Clear, and if you are familiar with other fantasy indie toy makers, you might already have seen toys made with this new material. It has the same skin-safe ISO 10993-10 certification, so be assured you can play safe.

Crystalline toys are, as the name suggests, almost water-clear and transparent whereas our regular silicone is semi-white/opaque without any added pigments. This gives the opportunity for wonderful, glassy color effects!

However, there are some special considerations you might want to keep in mind:

  • Crystalline toys might yellow slightly and turn more opaque when subjected to high temperatures, like boiling. This may or may not be temporary.
  • Yellowing may also occur from being exposed to sunlight, ie keeping it displayed on a window sill.
  • The firmness levels are a little bit different to regular toys with a slightly different Shore level, and they feel a little bit firmer than their regular Soft and Medium counterparts. This has been confirmed by the manufacturer as well. Please see the Firmness level section below for more information.
  • The surface is a little more tacky and more "gummy-like" than our regular silicone.
  • Crystalline toys are more prone to having small pin-prick bubbles underneath the base. This is only aesthetic and does not impact the use or the safety of the toy.
  • As a material, it's little more fragile than our regular silicone and more prone to tears and abrasion. It's still very durable and safe, but please don't test the limits by unnecessary stretching, pulling, rubbing etc.

(Please note that this is talking about toys labeled "Crystalline" manufactured and sold after March 2022. Older style Crystalline toys will be named "Legacy Crystalline")

Repairing silicone toys

Even with the careful storage and toy care, accidents happen. This is especially true with toys you penetrate.

There is a certain type of 1-part silicone glue (acetoxy) called Sil-poxy that can be used for patching up small tears, gouges and holes. It's certified skin-safe like the silicone we use for our toys and it's made the manufacturer Smooth-On.

If you are located in the US you can buy it directly from their website. Swedish & EU customers can buy it online from
A little goes a long way, you won't need much for a small toy repair.

Here's how we patch up our toys:

  • Clean the affected area thoroughly. Boil the whole toy or carefully clean the edges you are glueing together with isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip. (Note: Do not use isopropyl for regular cleaning or clean the whole toy as it may damage the surface)
  • Take a small amount of Sil-poxy on a toothpick and place it on both edges that you are glueing together. Press together and wipe off any excess.
  • Depending on temperature and humidity, Sil-poxy will cure in 10-15 minutes but I would advice to wait at least 48 hours for a full cure before you use your toy again.
  • If you are patching up a hole or small tear, dab Sil-poxy into the hole or tear with a toothpick. Wipe off any excess and you're done!

Sil-poxy is transparent and with some steady hands, patched up areas will practically look invisible. It cures firmer than most of our toys, so that is also something to keep in mind if you are sensitive to different texture and touch.

Note that Sil-poxy has a strong smell of vinegar and cures in contact with air. Please put the cap on as soon as you're done! 

(PS: This is not sponsored! We just really like this product as it's the more easily accessible skin-safe acetoxy out there.)