Orchid Seed

THIS MODEL IS RETIRED AND IS NOT ACTIVELY BEING PRODUCED. Please refer to this page for archival purposes.

The Orchid Seed is a handful of oversized seed. It is handsculpted and meant to be a companion piece to the Moon Orchid and the Wreath with similar botanical, organic features.
Intended to be used as an insertable or for decorative/fidget toy purposes, the Orchid Seed features a lot of texture and tactile sensations, such as the swirly vines climbing along the sides and textured leaf details.

Note: Eggs are not a children's toy or a pet toy. Due to all the nooks and crannies, take good care while cleaning. As the eggs don't have a flared base or a retrieval cord, they are not suited for anal use. Please use the eggs responsibly!

Total length: 7.1 cm/2.8 in.
Maximum circumference is 17.8 cm/7 in, tip circumference is 12.7 cm/5.1 in.
Wide side diameter is 5.5 cm/2.1 in, narrow side diameter is 4.4 cm/ 1.7 in.