Misc Information

Do you sell toys elsewhere?

If you see a toy that looks like ours being sold ANYWHERE ELSE than our online store, it's a dupe and stolen from us. They are mass-produced in factories made by large manufacturers under the guise of small, fantasy toy stores using cheap and possibly toxic materials. 

The only current known dupe is Ulfhedinn that goes under the name "Murloc" sold by Leyuto and Laphwing. There might be other resellers of this model, but those are the ones currently in our knowledge.

Since these manufacturers are located in China where copyright laws are different, there is nothing we can do to remove them from the market other than spreading awareness that they exist.

If you have come across these or other fantasy toy dupes: We know that the price point is low, and that's for a reason. Please buy from the original source, you'll be supporting small businesses and your toy will be guaranteed body-safe. 


For wholesale inquiries you can contact us through our contact form or reach out via email at contact@twilightmeadowcreations.com

Affiliate program & collabs

We have an Affiliate Program for bloggers and content creators that you can join. Find the link here or in footer menu below

For other inquiries, feel free to contact us!

What is a flop?

A 'flop' is an item that did not come out as intended. They might have small air bubbles, surface marks or divots, texture flaws, several small pigment spots, a heavy lean, or other minor defects. They do not impede use, but in some cases you will need to pay extra attention while cleaning. Flops are discounted appropriately, and are sold as-is.
What counts as a flop is under the sole discretion of us. Small pigment freckles, small surface variations, imperfections and slight asymmetry may occur in handmade products and are not seen as flaws.

If we judge that a toy does not represent the high quality we pride ourselves on, such as several large flaws or anything that can pose a health risk, they will not be sold.

When will you make XYZ/will XYZ come back?

The most likely answer to this question is is "possibly in the future"! 
Feel free to make requests, but we can most likely not make any promises or give any timelines.

To best keep an eye on what we are doing, keep a lookout on our social media, join our Discord server, and subscribe to our newsletter!

Squishy and Itty Bitty care

As our squishies and Itty Bitties are made from the same material as our toys, they can be cleaned the same way. 

Clean with soap and water, pop them in the dishwasher or boil for 10-15 minutes if you need a deeper clean.

Make sure that the soap you're using does not have any ingredients ending in -cone. They can damage the surface of your squshie or Itty Bitty. Regular dish-soap you use to clean dishes (ie: Dawn, Fairy, Yes) works plenty well and cuts through any grease stains.

Squishies and Itty Bitties should be stored in a dry place away from rough surfaces to avoid abrasions and mini-cuts. Silicone might leave grease stains on porous surfaces, such as wood, cardboard and paper. This is normal and no cause for concern. 

Don't leave your squishies on your kitchen or bathroom sink or any other damp environments for long periods of time as they can be subjected to mildew.

Since we do not use lightfast pigments, storing your squshies and Itty Bitties in direct sunlight (like a window sill or car dashboard) may cause pigments to fade over time.


Can I use squishies and Itty Bitties as toys?

We do not recommend that the squishies or Itty Bitties are used internally as they are not made with usage in mind and are not subject to the same scrutiny in regards to body safety as our regular toys.

Secret snail

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