Wildwood Alchemy customs going live today!

Wildwood Alchemy customs going live today!

Wildwood Alchemy are complete surprise made-to-order toys where you choose the model, size and firmness. We will roll out Medium Ulfhedinn to be ordered, and Näcken will come out next drop (some time after Easter)

Wildwood Alchemy customs will come in at least two colors in any configuration and will be an opportunity for us to experiment with magical new things! Wildwood Alchemy will NOT come with handpainted details and will be on a first come-first served basis.

We'll take on an amount of listings before closing them down to work on the queue so they might not be available at all times.

Lead times will be around 2-6 weeks.

Keep in mind you can NOT wish for particular colors, pour styles, unwanted colors, color placements etc etc...they are complete SURPRISES!

If color themes are extremely important to you, I'd advice to buy inventory instead as they are "what you see is what you get"

Please read the Rules and Terms of Service in the listing before ordering!

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