Vacation time!

Vacation time is coming!

Starting Friday July 9th until July 26th we'll be out of office to take some time off and work on non-drop related things, like remaking molds, sculpting, print wrangling and etc. You can still place orders as normal, but they will not be processed until the 26th. Customer service will also be offline during this period (July 9th-26th) so please keep this in mind!

You can find the answer to the most pressing questions in our FAQ, and any shipping-related inquiries will have to be brought up with your local post office (we do not have any other information than the tracking number we give you!)

Due to this, orders placed between July 9th-26th CANNOT be cancelled. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
Please keep this in mind while ordering!

We'll be back after the 26th, and plan on having a nice refreshing summer drop in August. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

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