News from the workshop 10/20

Hi friends!

I hope October is treating everyone well so far. I want to start by thanking everyone for participating in my last drop, it really means a lot to me ♥
All orders from the drop and the subsequent days have been sent out, so hopefully they will arrive soon.
There are still a lot of Halloween-themed goodies sitting in the store, if you're thinking about picking something up.

Which brings me to the next piece of news: Klarna will not be a payment option in the near future. After the errors, I had to disable it and I have not find a reliable way to make it work again. So I'm very sorry to say that for now, Klarna will not be available.
Thank you for your patience while I work to make payment processing more convenient and friendly for all customers!
If it becomes a payment option in the future, I will let everyone know.

In other news, I am working on a brand new model behind the scenes, plus a larger (grande) size of the Rune egg!
There are no ETA's for either of them, but I aim to have them both be winter releases. 

I am also planning on resculpting most my handsculpted insertables digitally (Näcken, The Keeper and Ulfhedinn) to get a better surface finish and most importantly, more size options! Moon Orchid will be a O/S toy permanently, as its purpose is to serve those who need a smaller insertable.

News about Black Friday will be going out a few weeks.

Stay safe, take care of yourself and each other everyone! 

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