News from the workshop 09/20

Hi friends!

I hope everyone has had a lovely September so far. As we are now venturing toward the colder months of the year (if you are in the northern hemisphere) and moving closer to Halloween, expect season appropriate colors coming up.

Last drop was a bit of a teaser with the copper and golds, and now I am feeling inspired by nature around me. Warm oranges, reds, browns, grey and silvery rain clouds, bonfires and muted colors. We can't forget about Halloween colors as well with orange, neon greens, purples and black and other spooooky inspirations!

I've been retouching the Moon Orchid master sculpture to remove some of the deeper crevices and make it a bit easier to clean. It now has a brand new mold, ready for some autumn-themed pours!


Other than that, I will also launch a limited run of seasonal-appropriate autumn leaf Wreaths. Not only did I have this idea myself, it's also been requested so I hope people are excited about it.

Oh, and expect some other changes happening in the near future!
A bird has whispered in my ear that stickers might appear in the shop soon, so we'll see what happens.

Drop date is TBD, I had planned for two drops on October but with my health issues currently kicking my butt I would rather focus on one larger drop at the end of the month and a mini-mini drop to introduce a couple of smaller items, like the autumn Wreath. Chances are the Halloween drop will be the biggest one I've had so far!

Hope everyone is staying safe out there!
Take care! ♥ 



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