News from the workshop 02/21 and Valentine's Drop

Hi everyone!

I apologize for the long radio silence, but there has been a lot of things going on behind the scenes lately. 
This is also going to be a long newsletter, so you can skip down to the TLDR if you want to read the summed up version.

First off, I will announce our upcoming drop on Thursday February 11th @ 8pm CEST/2pm EST
There will be more handpainted Valentine themed goodies, including an old new friend!
There will be quite an eclectic mix but if you're a fan of sweet treats, kink themes, or just general cutesy pink and red things with little hearts, you'll be sure to find something you like.

My partner, shop helper and resident silicone paint wizard have made a post on their Patreon where you can check out sketches for paint jobs we have planned. 



Onto more somber news.
As a business located in the EU and doing business with the UK, Brexit has been proven very troubling for us. 
Some of the supplies are imported from the UK, and after Brexit there has been some hiccups, to say the least.
I have waited almost seven weeks to get supplies I need in order to make new molds and pour more toys. The supplier blames the courier and the courier blames the supplier, and here I am stuck in the middle with no means to make the things I need in order to run my business smoothly. 

After many frustrating attempts to get things moving, I was forced to buy supplies elsewhere and I payed extra for fast shipping only to have that shipment being delayed as well. 
Because of this, I have not been able to keep to the schedule I had planned for my Valentine's drop (and by extension my shop anniversary, but that's for a later topic)
I won't be able to offer everything I had initially planned. As a business owner, this is very upsetting and stressful and I'm very thankful for everyone's patience regarding the situation! 
I wish I had more control over the situation, so I completely understand the frustration of not getting your goods on time.

(Raw materials aside, even something as simple and basic as gloves is hard to come by due to the pandemic.)

Orders to the UK are going out as normal, so no worries about that!



Shipping surcharges to the US, Canada and Australia has not been implemented yet, but they will be as of today. 
Additionally, the handsculpted versions of Näcken, Ulfhedinn and The Keeper will be labeled as "Legacy" sculpts.

Which brings me to the next point....


I have spent all of January preparing the remastered versions of my old models. You'll see a comeback of an old friend this Valentines, and he sure loves to bark at the moon.

Unfortunately, only the size Mini and Small of the remastered Ulfhedinn will be available initially, due to the current circumstances with issues of getting supplies and raw material. Size Medium will follow shortly, but not during this drop.

Size Mini and Small will be new, and have been the most requested sizes. The proportions on the remaster is a little different with a larger, rounder knot, a smaller shaft and a more detailed base.

I decided to keep the knot circumference of the Medium remaster and the Legacy sculpt analogue, which means that the toy stands a little shorter, but the knot is the same girth.

A newsletter with measurements and preview pictures from the drop will go out soon.




  • Valentine Drop February 11th @ 8 pm CEST/2 pm EST with new handpainted toys.
  • Remastered Ulfhedinn in size Mini and Small will be released during said drop.
  • There has been issues getting supplies due to Brexit which means that the drop is going to smaller than I wanted and size Medium Ulfhedinn is going to be postponed.

If anyone has any questions, don't be afraid to reach out!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

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