News from the workshop 01/22

Hi everyone!

It's a new year, and here's what happening with TMC right now:

Wildwood Alchemy Customs are open again ♥
Feel free to place an order, and I will be happy to make some magic for you! Please read the rules and terms and conditions carefully if you have any questions or inquiries. The current lead time is 2-6 weeks, and in the event of a delay I will update you on the process.

Here is information about the new 2022 shipping fees:

I am striving to keep things affordable both for your end and my end with flexible options, and the increased fees is nothing I have control over. The pandemic and increased fuel prices has lead to this development, and I'm thankful for everyone's understanding.

EU customers will see an increase on standard shipping and DHL Express. This price increase is around 20-25%

-  Scandinavian and UK customers now have the option to pick PostNord MyPack Home for an additional home delivery option. This is especially useful for Swedish customers and it starts at 99 kr for domestic shipping!

Standard shipping fees for US and Canadian customers will stay the same. The DHL Express fee has increased around 10%. It's no longer flat rate, and is now weight-based the same way standard shipping is with thresholds at every lbs (half a kilo). This is something to keep in mind if you're purchasing several items.

I also mentioned a price increase in the beginning of 2022 due to increased silicone costs and other factors I have no control over. I can now let everyone know that the increase will be around 20% and it will go into effect on March 1st. 
There will be a PDF catalogue with the new prices available before March 1st.
Any old inventory will NOT be affected by the price increase, only new items. I'm grateful for everyone's understanding and continued support! ♥  


So what am I working on at the moment?
After taking some well-deserved rest over the holidays, I'm back in the saddle and gearing up for a larger winter & Valentine's themed drop at the end of January.

The new Large Selkie and Small Ambrose size is on the backburner (again, grr) as I have to focus on pouring right now. Due to Omicron, my partner has been unable to travel back to Sweden and I'm stuck doing everything on my own while dealing with stress-related illness and a family emergency. I know people are excited about them, but don't worry - I'm chipping away at the boring sanding and prep work when time and energy permits!  It takes a lot of time because I want nothing but the best quality ♥  

I'll be posting more information about the drop as time gets closer!

Stay safe everyone, and take care!

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