Inventory Drop July 29th 8 pm CEST/2 pm EST featuring version 2 Raido and new purchasing rules ⭐

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing great!

We'll be having our next inventory drop on Friday July 29th @ 20:00/8 pm CEST/2 pm EST. 

Around 60 new listings will go up, including version 2 of Raido. Read the details below!

The drop will mostly focus on Ambrose, Raido and Näcken with a couple of pour twins for both Raido and Ambrose (get a matching one with your friend?!)

We also have a couple of new purchasing limits in place for Itty Bitties, Crystal Clusters and Skull Toads, which I will get to first.

Let's talk about the new rules regarding Itty Bitties, Firmness Rune Sets, and a squishies such as the Crystal Clusters and Skull Toads
These will go into effect on Friday July 29th.

All of these are poured from leftovers or pigment tests, which means they have limited availability.

To prevent these from going out of stock too fast and give everyone a fair chance of acquiring them, we are implementing some purchase limits.

For Itty Bitties: One pack of six, two packs of threes or six pack of ones (a total of six Itty Bitties) can be purchased per household and month at a time. 

That means, per month you are able to buy a total of six Itty Bitties, in whichever pack combination for your chosen shipping address.

For Crystal Clusters: Two per household and month.
For Skull Toads: Two per household and month.
For Rune Firmness Samples: One per household and month.

Household in this context means shipping address. If person A and person B lives together, and person A has reached their purchase limit, the purchase limit also affects person B.

Same thing with different shipping and billing addresses. Everything shipped to the same address counts.

For now, these rules ONLY affect these select items. Any attempts to buy extras will be refunded and restocked.

Thank you for understanding! Please be courteous to your fellow collectors.


Version 2 Raido is here!

This updated Raido solves the issue with the thin wall between the vibe cavity and the vaginal entrance. Sensation is largely the same, and the cavity also has a slightly more tapered insert to better accomodate the tapered ends of bullet vibrators. The cavity is also smoother and doesn't have the same surface imperfections. (Not that it matters, because it won't be touching anything but a bullet vibe, but it bothered me too much!)

This means Raido can now be offered in Extra Soft firmness. 
There will be no Extra Softs in the drop, but Raido will open for Wildwood Alchemy Customs on Friday as well, so you can request an Extra Soft.

We can also offer two variations of Raido now as well, one variation with the vibe cavity and one solid variatio without, for those who prefer that. Check the photo to see the difference!

Just as before, Raido does NOT come with a complimentary vibrator!
If you are having trouble getting a bullet vibrator to fit, use a small amount of water-based lube.

Two OLD versions will be featured in the drop before being phased out completely. It will be offered at a cheaper price than the new one, and will be retired after this drop.

 That is all! Hope to see you on Friday! Take care everyone!

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