Halloween Stock Drop Thursday October 22nd + an important correction!

Hi friends!

First, I would like to correct some information that went out in the last newsletter about PayPal and Klarna. Human error snuck in, and I accidentally linked the FAQ for Google Play instead of Google Pay. I am very sorry for the confusion! 
You can still use PayPal with Google Pay in select countries, and you can add it using your Chrome browser or the Android app.
I still want to stress the importance of doing this ahead of a drop, in case you need to transfer money from your PayPal account.

As for Klarna, it is currently NOT available in the US at this time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Now, onto the stock drop news!

136 brand new listings will drop on Thursday October 22nd at 8 pm CEST/2 pm EST
There will be a lot of lovely autumn-inspired and Halloween-colored drips and spooky pours this time around, so I hope you're all ready! ♥ 


I hope everyone is having a good week out there!
Stay safe and take care, everyone.

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