Wildwood Alchemy Terms of Service

This TOS refers solely to Wildwood Alchemy customs. Please read through these, and our full TOS (located here) before making a purchase.

"Wildwood Alchemy" is the term we use for products made-to-order that come in artisan's choice color, style and pattern. Aside from choice of model, firmness and size they are complete surprises and cannot be customized per customer request.

Requests for desired colors, unwanted colors, specific pigments used (such as shimmer, 'sparkles', UV-reactive/fluorescent pigments, glow-in-the-dark pigments, etc) or specific pour styles or color placements will not be honored. Orders placed with attached notes (via our website's contact form, email, or social media messaging) for requests of these nature will be declined and refunded.

Wildwood Alchemy products will come in at least two colors without any large visible flaws (flops). What counts as accepted flaws is under our sole judgement. Please note that sometimes things may be missed by our eyes, so if you are unsure if something is a flop feel free to reach out and ask so we may help how we can!

Small pigment freckles, scuffs, marks, surface textures and surface irregularities are part of the handmade process of these products and are not subject to discounts, refunds or a replacement item. Please refer to "Section 1" in our full TOS for more information.

Our full catalogue is not available for Wildwood Alchemy Customs. Please refer to the listings for the current available products.

Any photography associated with Wildwood Alchemy listings is for demonstration purposes only and is not a depiction of what your final product will look like.

Wildwood Alchemy customs have a lead time of 2-8 weeks, not including shipping and transit times. Occasional delays may occur, and in the event of a delay we will keep you updated of the process.

Wildwood Alchemy customs have limited availability. Please read at the listings and our social media for more information.

There will be no "buyer's remorse", refunds or replacements of these products should they not turn out like you expected them in terms of color, style and/or pattern. Due to the customized and intimate nature of these products, all sales are final. Our standard 2 hour cancellation policy applies. No cancellations are accepted after this time window.

The purchase of a Wildwood Alchemy custom means you agree to these terms.

Last updated: December 30 2022