Small Ulfhedinn (Firmness: Firm)
Small Ulfhedinn (Firmness: Firm)
Small Ulfhedinn (Firmness: Firm)

Small Ulfhedinn (Firmness: Firm)

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With almost completely humanoid features and some canine inspiration, the werewolf Ulfhedinn stands proud and stout with a bulbous knot. The large glans features a prominent coronal ridge along with a generous amount of pulled back foreskin.
The transition of the knot is smooth and gentle to aid insertion, and the shaft below has space to ease tying. Curling veins provide additional texture on the upper and lower part of the shaft, and the base is textured with lush fur.

Shaft Length is 13.5 cm/5.3 in
Total Length is16.5 cm/6.5 in
Upper Shaft Circumference is 9 cm/3.5 in
Knot Circumference is 15.5 cm/6.1 in
Lower Shaft Circumference is 9 cm/3.5 in

    • Firmness level: Firm

    • UV-Reactive: Yes

    • Glow In The Dark: No

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Note: Due to the handmade nature of these items, small surface variations, imperfections and slight asymmetry may occur. Such variations can also include small pigment freckles and encapsulated bubbles (1-2 mm in size). If applicable, they will be noted in the description. Size variation may vary up to 10%. Colors may not be 100% accurately represented on every screen.