Autumn Wreath - Limited Seasonal Run
Autumn Wreath - Limited Seasonal Run

Autumn Wreath - Limited Seasonal Run

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The Wreath is made out of the same body-safe silicone as our insertables. Soft and super-stretchy, snug where you need it to be. Wear around the shaft, or around the whole package.

This Limited Seasonal Run of the Wreath features a lovely UV-reactive autumn orange dappled with shimmery copper, reminiscent of autumn leaves. All Autumn Wreaths come random and have a one of a kind pattern!

Compared to the Ouroboros, the Wreath features a bulkier profile and a tighter fit.

Internal diameter is 2.5 cm/1 in, internal circumference is 7 cm/2.7 in.
Outer diameter is 6 cm/2.3 in, outer circumference is 19 cm/7.5 in.
Ring thickness is approximately 1.5-2 cm/0.6-0.8 in.

    • Firmness level: Medium
    • UV-reactive: Yes
    • Glow in the dark: No

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(Note: Due to all the nooks and crannies, take good care while cleaning. Because of the manufacturing process of this particular item, small bubbles/pits may occur on the surface, especially on the underside. These surface flaws are NOT considered flops.)