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A fresh start!

Hi friends! I'm so excited to show what I've been working on the last week. Feels so good to have a fresh start over at a new platform, and most importantly this means faster loading times, no more hiccups (crossing my fingers) and easier checkout for you. I've combed through everything with a magnifying glass multiple times, but sometimes stuff slips through so please let me know if there is anything weird popping up anywhere, like 404 links. Regarding this weird URL: The .com domain will be moved along shortly, but it will take some time. Everything should be able to be ordered as normal, which brings me to some more news: All jewelry is being permanently price cut. Don't worry, you'll still...

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COVID-19 and Shipping Info

OFFICIAL COVID-19 STATEMENT AND CURRENT SHIPPING SITUATION Twilight Meadow Creations is run by one fully vaccinated and boosted artisan, and we are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid spreading and catching the virus. Because of the small-scale operation, keeping strict hygiene routines is relatively straightforward. The workshop is located in it's own separate building, and does not share space with any living quarters.  Every item is being boiled before being bagged in heat-sealed air-tight bags, and any outgoing mail is being packaged wearing disposable gloves and face mask. Should the artisan begin to show any symptoms of COVID-19, all operations will seize until directed otherwise by a health professional.    Also note that any outgoing orders may take over...

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